Fitness Mobile Text Marketing Ideas

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Fitness Text Marketing

Mobile text marketing is not just for retailers. Some small businesses, such as fitness centers and gyms, incorrectly assume that mobile text marketing isn’t for their type of business. The fact is that fitness mobile text marketing is already helping many fitness center owners stay in better contact with their customers and build their business in new ways.

Fitness Text Message Marketing is Taking Off

Fitness center clients are some of the most technologically savvy consumers out there. This is because those aged 18-24 make up the bulk of those who visit gyms. These same consumers are also those who tend to use SMS the most.

Does your health club have a text message marketing strategy?  When was the last time you’ve upgraded your fitness marketing plan?

It just makes sense that if you are a gym owner, you should be using the technology your customers use if you want to be doing all you can to reach, engage, educate and invite your customers. Mobile text marketing benefits you, your business and your customers, while giving you a cost-effective means of advertising that actually reaches your target audience.

Fitness Text Message Marketing Ideas

  • Reach your customers and clients more effectively with mobile text marketing – SMS is more reliable than email and lets you communicate with your clients anytime, anywhere they may be. Advertise specials, inform your clients of upcoming events, class offerings, and changes coming to the gym. Let them know about schedule changes, membership fee due dates, and fitness news that will help them live more healthy lives.
  • Invite your clients through SMS marketing campaigns – The ideas are limitless whatever you want to invite them to do you can send through mobile text marketing. Invite your clients to come in and try the latest fitness routine for half off the regular class price. Invite non-members through your clients by sending offers for “Bring a Friend” specials. Every friend your client brings in, who subsequently becomes a member, nets your client a discount on their monthly dues. These and many other invitations help grow your business and increase revenues.

Fitness Marketing Ideas

  • Encourage your members through SMS marketing – Keeping up their physical fitness can be tough for a lot of your customers. Sometimes the motivation lags, or work is too exhausting, or family demands make it tough to keep those fitness goals. Everyone benefits from a little encouragement. What better way can you help motivate your clients than through text messaging? Send your clients an encouraging message at the end of the day to motivate them to get in a good sweat, relieve the stress of the day, or work off those big-lunch calories.
  • Educate your clients with mobile text marketing – Text messages that help your clients learn more about new fitness routines, healthy eating ideas, or ways to get the most from their workout also help them feel they get more value for the dollars they spend in your fitness center. Educating your clients also helps them feel that you care about their overall health, not just their money. Send your clients ideas about how to involve their whole family in healthier living, ideas for at-their-desk workouts they can do during long days at the office, or tips for revving up a tired old workout. All of these ideas educate your clients while increasing your customer loyalty.

Keeping the communication lines open between you and your clients is extremely important, and SMS marketing helps you do that better than any other medium. It is easy to do, more efficient, and yet very affordable. Whatever other marketing efforts you have in place, mobile text marketing fits right in and helps your overall plan.

Check out the offerings from 2 of the best SMS marketing companies, Tatango and Trumpia, and see how they can help you grow your fitness business in an affordable way.

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