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Mobile Coupons RestaurantsRestaurant mobile coupons can help you bring in more diners. In a tough economy in San Francisco, where more and more people are cooking at home, restaurant mobile coupons provide extra incentive for people to leave home and eat at your restaurant.

Mobile marketing is the future of advertising in San Francisco and the world. With smartphones and other mobile devices becoming more popular every year, businesses who utilize mobile marketing to reach more customers are going to stay relevant in an increasingly technology savvy world. A restaurant is no different from other businesses in this respect.

Reaching people through mobile is not hard; many smartphone and mobile users prefer to be reached that way. SMS marketing is a great way to contact customers and send out mobile coupons to bring more diners through your doors. Mobile coupons are more efficient than traditional coupons found in newspapers, flyers and mailers. First of all, traditional coupons are hit-and-miss in who they reach. They depend on people actually reading through the paper, picking up flyers and paying attention to mass mailers. They do not have the personal feel that mobile coupons have. Mobile coupons go directly into the palm of consumer hands, where they prefer to be reached. They are much harder to ignore, and can be stored on the receiver’s mobile device instead of being lost in the shuffle.

Mobile coupons also offer restaurants in San Francisco the ability to target diners who have already been to the restaurant before. Through the placement of QR codes throughout the restaurant, diners are invited to scan the code and then opt-in to receive future communications from your restaurant. These communications can include restaurant news, menu changes and special offers, as well as mobile coupons.

Restaurant mobile coupons in San Francisco provide a means to engage your customers and turn them into repeat customers. The mobile coupons that are sent out can be easily targeted to different groups. For example, senior specials can go out to those diners who are 55+. Diners who visit frequently can be given special loyalty offers to reward them for their business. Businessmen who frequently bring in clients for lunch can be sent mobile coupons for lunch deals.

Placing QR codes on any signage advertising your restaurant around town also helps bring in new customers. A great way to do this is to have an ad inviting consumers to scan your code and receive a coupon good for 20% off their first visit to your restaurant. You could also offer a free appetizer or dessert. Once the consumer has visited the restaurant and redeemed the offer, you will have their cell number and can sent out an SMS message saying thank you for trying your restaurant. You can even offer another coupon good for their second visit.

Trumpia is an online resource for help with QR codes and mobile coupons. If your restaurant hasn’t established a mobile marketing strategy yet, Trumpia can help you begin. They offer a free trial, as well as webinars to help you learn their marketing software. Trumpia makes it easy to see just what mobile coupons can do for your restaurant business.

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San Fran Mobile Marketing is taking off in popularity.  Restaurants in San Francisco CA need to look into mobile marketing strategies like:

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  • Mobile Apps
  • Mobile Phone Advertising
  • Mobile Optimized Websites

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Jenni Bairg December 28, 2012 at 1:59 am

Ok i was searching for ways to promote my Restaurant and i landed up here. I seem to have missed out a lot in technology as i do not seem to know many things you mentioned here. First of all what are QR codes? And how do i maintain a list of mobile phone numbers and how do i send personalized SMS to every single one of them. How can i Bulk SMS and keep it personalized at the same time. I would love if you did guide me. I guess i will be checking more of your blog and also should look at your video training. How do i purchase these training videos?


Michael Armstrong December 28, 2012 at 7:14 am

Jenni, Thanks for the comment. You brought up some interesting questions. All you have to do is sign up for our FREE mobile marketing video training and you will learn not only the answers to all your questions but also learn everything you need to know to get your restaurant started with mobile coupons, a mobile website, and even a mobile app!


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