Retail Mobile Marketing

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Retail Mobile Marketing

Retailers Need a Mobile Strategy

Retailers from small to large in San Francisco are realizing how they can drive sales using retail mobile marketing tools including mobile apps for retailers, mobile websites for retailers and retail SMS marketing. Sears has invested tens of millions of dollars expanding their mobile marketing for retailers program to build what they have dubbed an “integrated retail experience.”

Sears’ mobile marketing program uses all elements of mobile and social marketing to “holistically go after the customer.” Before implementing the program, Sears researched their customer base, sought feedback and mined data using their rewards program.

While Sears has spent millions, your small business can launch a strategy for mobile marketing for retailers for just a few dollars. Retail SMS marketing is one of the lowest cost and most effective tools in your marketing arsenal, one that retailers large and small are implementing to drive sales. And while you may not be competing with Sears in your retail small business, you do have other small business competitors who may already be effectively using mobile marketing, like texting promotions, to cut into your market share.

By implementing your own retail mobile marketing strategy in San Francisco, you can preserve your share of the local retail market and compete more effectively. Mobile websites for retailers and retail text message marketing are the lowest barriers to entry aspects of mobile marketing that you should implement immediately to ensure you will be found by consumers and build a relationship with them that will drive business.

As you implement your mobile marketing plan for retailers, consider also setting up profiles on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Social media accounts for a great amount of time consumers spend on their mobile devices and having profiles allows you to engage with customers in yet another channel.

C&A, an international fashion retailer, displays tags showing which of their items have Facebook “likes” and how many likes the item has accumulated. This tool has proven useful in encouraging buyers who are considering a purchase to pull the trigger.

According to Sears’ research, 40% of all retail purchases are influenced by online research including reviews, websites and more. By including social media in your multi-channel retail mobile marketing strategy, you give consumers a place to review your retail outlet and offerings and for shoppers searching for social proof to find helpful information about your products.

Mobile apps for retailers are also used to enhance the shopping experience for customers. Sears’ mobile app allows consumers to create shopping lists, to tag desired items to add to the list and to use the app in store to find the items and access discounts to encourage follow-through on purchases. Mobile apps for retailers were once large-ticket tech items costing $10,000-$50,000 or more. But now, with the prevalence of low-cost development tools, mobile apps can be created for a few hundred dollars using outsourcing.

The baseline for all retailer mobile marketing efforts is mobile websites for retailers. From you mobile optimized websites, you can show customers your products, encourage contact, drive opt-ins to your retail SMS marketing list and encourage social media interaction.

A retail text message marketing strategy is the next easiest aspect of mobile marketing for retailers to implement. By offering a promotional item, discount or mobile coupon to encourage opt-ins, retailers can easily amass a sizeable list of customer contacts to launch their retail text message marketing programs. From there, you can utilize your list to text discounts to move stagnant inventory, promote new offerings and alert customers to sales and special events.

Whether you choose to embrace all or just a few aspects of retail mobile marketing, know that it is the lowest cost and highest return advertising avenue for retailers both small and large.



Mobile Marketing in San Francisco is taking off in popularity.  Retail Stores in San Francisco CA need to implement mobile marketing strategies like:

  • SMS Text Marketing
  • Mobile Apps
  • Mobile Advertising
  • Mobile Optimized Websites

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Patrick Flanagan December 28, 2012 at 1:36 pm

Nice post and nice list of strategies for the retail marketers. What i personally think has been a motivator for me to go mobile is the reach i have been able achieve by going mobile. I now have partners in India and some countries of Africa where they sell my products. My mobile site allows them to download my catalogs and check out my products. I myself have had better experience browsing my products on my mobile optimized site than my desktop site.


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