DudaMobile Review – Mobile Websites and Mobile Reseller Program

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dudamobilelogoThis Dudamobile review will cover the various features that they offer and the different mobile website services they provide.  It will also cover the Dudamobile mobile website builder reseller program.

If your small business is interested in starting a mobile marketing strategy and the chance to grow your business, then Dudamobile is the perfect solution to your needs.  Dudamobile is a company that offers a “Free Mobile Website Service”, that allows clients to transform their own business sites into mobile ready websites.

Create Mobile Website DudaMobile

Business owners everywhere are always looking for different ways to market their product or service and always will.  These types of services that Dudamobile offers are a key factor in any business succession in standing out from the crowd.

Dudamobile offers the amazing service of FREE Mobile Website creation out of a pre-existing website for their clients.  Their mobile website builder software also contains a vast amount of features that will help with mobilization of a site and step by step guides to be of even more assistance.

Free Dudamobile Mobile Website Here

Dudamobile also offers a custom mobile website design service if you want a fully custom mobile website.  Their team of mobile website designers will talk with you in detail and deliver upon your vision and include the bells and whistles you want out of your fully custom mobile website.

Custom Mobile Website Design Service

Mobile Website Software Features:

  • Built for non-techiesDudaMobile Website Free
  • Advanced Design Studio
  • Mobile Map with Directions
  • Free Mobile analytics
  • Click-to-call
  • Automatically syncs with your regular website
  • Dozens of great looking mobile website templates
  • WordPress Friendly

Dudamobile is a one of a kind service that isn’t offered by many other companies.  Dudamobile has a very high reputation for being customer friendly and also for guiding clients with issues.

Dudamobile was created only 3 years ago in 2009 and yet it already is hosting 1.4 million different mobile websites and continually brings in 100,000 new mobile sites each month.  Dudamobile also offers automatic updating so you only have to update the full site and it will reflect in the mobile version as well.

Small businesses are consistently added Dudamobile to their budget with ease.  This service is a cheap and an extremely opportune way for business owners to start taking advantage of the power of mobile marketing.

See a few who trusts their websites with Dudamobile now:

  • Rushmypassport.com
  • Creditloan.com
  • Fishbowl.com
  • Blackhillsvacation.com
  • Tones2cell.com

If your a business owner and you know that you need a mobile optimized website, Dudamobile is a fast and cost effective way for you to either build a mobile website or just convert your existing website to a mobile optimized website.


DudaMobile Build Free Mobile Site

(100% Free – Click Above – No CC Needed)


DudaMobile Reseller Program for Mobile Websites

If your interested in starting a mobile marketing company or offering custom mobile website builder services, Dudamobile has a mobile website reseller program so you can license their mobile website platform and use this powerful mobile cms software to power your very own mobile marketing service.

Mobile Website Reseller Program DudaMobile

Becoming a mobile website reseller with Dudamobile gives you the opportunity to make money off of their platform.  The reseller program offers a 33 percent discount on each mobile website you sell, only costing the client $6 per month.

The mobile website reseller program offers a service where you can set your own prices for your own clients and do it as the client sees fit.  Dudamobile also offers a unique customer Support section which in turn allows the client to be helped in English, Spanish, Japanese, and even Portuguese.

Dudamobile also offers priority service to any resellers over normal customers they service.  With being a Reseller with Dudamobile it also gives you a vast amount of benefits.

How Mobile Website Resellers Benefit:

  • Fast Conversion – With one click you can transform existing websites into mobile websites in seconds
  • Online Editing – Customize your websites exactly the way you want.  They come fully compatible with Javascript, CSS and HTML5.
  • Preview tools – Show clients a new mobile website on any smartphone or desktop. Add logos, images and more to make their brand stand out.
  • Training – Learn everything you need to know with webinars, videos, marketing assets, white paper handouts and more.
  • Custom Pricing – They give you a set discount. You control how much you charge your customers.
  • Priority Support – Anytime you contact them, their experienced support staff will get you back in business as quickly as possible.

Take a Look At the DudaMobile Mobile Website Reseller Program – Click Below

DudaMobile Reseller Program

 (Dudamobile has hundreds of mobile website resellers for a reason.   Check out the Dudamobile Mobile Website Reseller Program Today!)


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Ted March 25, 2013 at 11:36 am

I like that there is a video training course so that you can overcome that initial learning curve and get started doing the important work, which is promoting. Some services, maybe even this one, offer regularly scheduled webinars so that both newcomers and existing resellers can continue honing their knowledge base. The more you know about your service, the better you will be at answering questions, offering rebuttals to the inevitable objections and converting potential clients.

Michael Armstrong March 27, 2013 at 5:14 am

Thanks for signing up for our Free Video Training.

We do have a section on mobile websites and even talk about Dudamobile. Dudamobile is a quick and easy way to take your website and turn it into a mobile optimized website!

Jim April 3, 2013 at 12:09 pm

The world of Internet surfing has expanded over the years. The days of needing a big chunky PC are far behind us and the Internet has moved from just being at the desk to being in every part of our lives. Internet access has expanded dramatically, with WiFi, GPRS, 3G and 4G being accessible from almost any part of a developed country. Hence, mobile friendly internet websites are important.

Michael Armstrong April 4, 2013 at 1:20 pm

Jim – Mobile websites are very important these days. Most businesses are seeing about 25-35% of their traffic coming from mobile phones. Mobile websites are especially important for local business owners since most mobile searches target local businesses.

Check out Dudamobile. They offer a great service and a solid mobile website reseller program!

James August 1, 2013 at 10:23 am

I am trying to set up a mobile web site and this kind of information helps when you are doing something like that. Thank you for posting this information and the info about the reseller program as well. I haven’t been looking at that very much but now that I have heard about it I am going to have to consider it in more detail.

Heidi August 2, 2013 at 4:57 pm

The more I learn about SMS marketing, the more I realize it is an effective and economical marketing strategy for businesses to increase customer loyalty. However, some businesses use stand-alone text marketing campaigns, while others use traditional advertising methods complemented with mobile marketing. I think it is most effective when a business creates a more well-rounded advertising strategy, and SMS broadcasting resellers can fill this demand.

Michael Armstrong August 4, 2013 at 4:04 am

The companies that are using a more well rounded mobile strategy are normally the businesses that “Get It” and profit from the money they spend on marketing! Thanks for your comment!